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According to recent studies up to 1 in 20 students in the UK have exchanged a form of sexual service for money*, mainly to help with the cost of rising tuition fees and the cost of living. If you are a student who engages in the sex industry, whether through webcamming, Apps such as OnlyFans, phone sex, escorting or by any other means, TEP can offer free, non-judgemental and confidential support in a number of ways, including:

Emotional wellbeing, support and befriending
Free and confidential sexual health advice
Advice on online safety and advertising
Safety tips around online sex work
Incident reporting
Safer sex supplies (condoms, lubricant, etc.)

You can get in touch with TEP through our Instagram and Facebook pages for confidential support. If you would like to get in contact:
Contact TEP team on 07902 726432 or Live chat on this site.

We understand that many students engaging in the sex industry are not confident to reach out for support. Here is a useful Youtube video from NUM about your rights and how to get support if you need it.

If you are an academic or somebody who works in Higher Education, you can access information on the Student Sex Work Research Hub on how to support students.